This is a collection of discussion papers and links on a range of issues created to minimise the constant repetition of issues and arguments that come up time and again in the discussion of secular humanism.

Pioneers of atheism and secularism 'Women Without Superstition; 'No Gods, No Masters'
'Radio 4 and the Spirituality of Numbers' - Something understood by Mark Tully

Mind Games, Religion and Social Control - How  'belief'  trumps rational thought

Religion as Comfort? What's So Bad About Religion? Atheist Verse
 Abortion Defence - 'Pro-Choice'

Roots of Sexism

youTube Videos for atheists
Understanding Belief Say 'NO' to Faith Based Welfare? Directory & Index
Trick or Treat? Whites against Racism The Magdalen Laundries
Children and Religion Better Dead than Defiled? 'The Elitism Trap'
Campaign for Secular Education Does religion contribute to social ills?
Reading List The Place of Secularism in Politics
Explaining the Paradox US Religion 'Pity the Poor Believer' and other verse
Does the Hijab Matter? The Positive Values of Secular Humanism
Humanism and the Internet Women's Rights are more than the extremes of Islam
Bringing it all Back Home International Humanist Women's Network
Atheist Perspectives Greetings Cards for Atheists & Feminists
Charity the Sacred Cow Richard Dawkins on Education
'Battle for the Mind' - indoctrination Is it time for a Secular Humanist Political Agenda?
Gender Attitudes Where are Women in Secularist Activism?
Prayers No Cure! Faith Can Damage Your Health  (+ Alternative Therapies)
secularsites  Directory of Atheist & Secular Humanism
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