Whites Against Racism

Open letter to my fellow whites

It was famously said that in order for evil to thrive it is only necessary

that good people do nothing........................

What can we do about the racism that disfigures Britain?


This was the title of three BBC TV programmes by Darcus Howe that looked at England and English culture. The words that came to mind were confusion, racism, eclecticism, xenophobia, tolerance, and aggression. If this describes the view of English culture as seen by the English themselves (however defined ), and 'outsiders' then it is no wonder that there is confusion ! The words that were entirely missing from the programmes were, politics, religion, capitalism and class.

Cause for Pride?

We white English are told to feel proud of being English. Why? it is a matter of pure chance that I was born here, that I am English is simply a fact. It implies no effort on my part, what I do, good or bad is simply down to me as an individual. I may take my values (good and bad) from those around me and the culture in which I live, but it implies no credit. Neither does it imply blame.

We too were exploited

The idea that I should feel the burden of guilt attached to the atrocious way our ancestors behaved in the past is as absurd as if I were to take credit from it. The ridiculous outcome of this view is that while the descendants of aristocrats, kings & peers, dukes and generals, barons and bishops who reaped the rewards of their campaigns of war and pillage, keep the wealth and take the credit . The present day equivalents of peasant farmers, foot soldiers, taxed & tithed, conscripted into the legions of household servants, labourers to work the land, build the property, and man the mills and machines of industry, the 'foot-soldiers for a shilling' and the cannon fodder for any war that royalty and military decide upon, are either told to feel pride or take the blame, or both!

We are as good as we are because of our mixed heritage

We are the nation we are, the people we are because of the centuries of mixing of incoming cultures since the beginning of time. Immigrants bringing in skills and attributes to add to the pool of our common culture.


Confusion is evident in the minds of both the present day 'poor' whites, in the ghettos of sink estates, unemployed, homeless, who vent their aimless anger upon 'immigrants' , 'ungrateful' Scots, Irish, Welsh....' the white middle class who collude to keep the working classes at bay, and immigrants who interpret the hostility of whites as 'innate arrogance'.

While they are hating each other, they are not looking at the real problems and the causes thereof. Their anger is safely contained within their own communities, in the form of crime and vandalism, racism and homophobia. Only when it spills out into the wider population do the rest of us consider it a problem!

The confusion is not helped by supposedly politically literate politicians, describing 'The English' as having a tendency towards aggressiveness, and blatant playing of the 'race card'. This is totally meaningless without some analysis of English History and the way aggression has been used even encouraged, as a useful characteristic, to be encouraged in fighting men, or to manipulate populations for political power.

Confusion is also evident in the reactions of the modern day populations of the countries which have been exploited throughout history. Everyone, especially Australians, Scots, Welsh , love nothing better than to hate the English. But their argument should not be with us the ordinary English, but with the political system and those who ran it for their own benefit not ours.

Racism is the Problem, not the Answer

We, the ordinary 'non-aristo' English are shat upon and always have been shat upon by the same people who shat upon the inhabitants of every other country they were able to exploit.

I hope more people will come to a greater understanding of the evolution of the 'English Tribe' and reject the bad and keep the good in what we all have. in order to evolve to a more peaceful future.

If you agree with the sentiments in this website, please spread it as far as you can, and in any way you can

If necessarily by using an alias some by other anonymous method.