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by S Mayer




Pity the Poor Believer

Pity the poor believer,
He's having a really hard time.
Defending his god, and his churches obsessions.
It's weird superstitions, and doctrines divine.
All the sins of his church, he'd not noticed before.
He's doing his best against all the odds.
But it's really hard going and not very fair
without any reason or rhyme.

Pity the poor believer,
It comes as a bit of a shock.
Betrayed by his God, and called to explain
What 'everyone else' has done wrong.
The grief and deception, the conflict and war
All the cruelty man can inflict.
And all in the name of his peace loving God,
And his only son Jesus Christ.

Pity the poor believer,
He's not had to do this before.
No-one dared question his age old beliefs
God's word was the law, and the bible his proof.
With these and his priests, he need never question,
Contradictions he can't understand, not even thought of before.
Once it was simple and faith was enough,
It's just not like that any more.







Promises Promises

They give us a problem
Then the give us an answer .
That only they can provide.

To a God shaped hole
They give us a God
Along with a book of instructions.

They say we want immortality
So promise us life everlasting
With the sureness of heaven to boot

They say we fear death
So they threaten with hell
And a judgment day just to make sure.
They say we want unconditional love
And come up with Jesus.
Oh yes?'

They say we are weak
Don't know how to behave
We're human, so what's that about?

They say we are poor weak and sinful

"Made in the image of God"

Is that just to confuse us - or what?


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Bishop Talk

The Bishops were talking about the floods

As  part of nature’s fickle ways.

And how you just can’t trust governments or science.

I wonder if it was like this when God did The Great Flood?

Did he get all the flak?

And where are all the alpha courses on ark building?

Do they learn nothing?

At this rate

It’s going to be chaos at Armageddon.










    I find that people think that not

    believe in 'free will' & 'fate' is

    contradictory. I wrote this to explain:-

    Do I believe in Fate?
    You are who you are.
    The product of your genes.
    The chances of your life
    Your learned experience.
    You can change another
    Another can change you.
    But you are only who you are,
    So can you change yourself?
    The person you are now,
    Is not the one you were.
    Nor yet the one you will become.
    The sum of life so far.
    Don't believe in fate,
    Or self determination.
    But power to change another,
    As others have changed you.





The Perfect Woman?


There she stands

Above us

A lesson to us all

Beautiful and flawless

Eyes downcast

Modest in her glory

No tea towel, apron at her waist

No sweat upon her brow

No blood, no gore, no ugliness

No crying baby at her feet

Serene she stands



No complaint comes from her lips

No harsh indictments.

Just soothing compliments.

Forgiveness and Devotion.


June 2007

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These were written to be read at a meeting of peace activists many of whom assume that their religions are the only legitimate basis for peace activism. I see secularism and the struggle against superstition and sectarianism as essential for world peace. I needed to say this without confronting them too harshly


1) A Secular Prayer for Humanity

Let us not ask to be delivered from evil.
But deliver ourselves and our country

From Superstition born of fear.
From Prejudice born of dogma.
From Poverty born of Greed
Competition born of culture.
From Racism born of ignorance.
From Conflict born of power.

For these are the causes of war.


I also read my much earlier verse inspired by a leaflet created by the Women's League for Peace and Freedom on war toys. The argument is that too many men do not grow out of the child-like excitement of guns!

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Learning the Lessons

Look Back

Look back and learn from the past.
Look back to the prayers that did not get answered.
To the death and destruction of past generations.

Look back to the old divine order,
To the buying and selling of women and children.
Betrothal for power and gain.

Look back to the armies of Christendom
With knights and saints at their head,
Bringing the heathen to heel.

Enough of this talking in riddles.
Look back to the cruel suppression
Of those with diff'rent beliefs.

Look back to the burning of torture
Of those who dared to oppose,
And the wholesale oppression of women

See Now

See now what hinders the making of peace.
How the age old beliefs still hold sway.
See now what it is that keeps people apart.
See still the sectarian strife.

Look forward

Look forward to shedding irrational belief.
Look forward to thinking anew.
To ditching the old superstitions
To a new dawn of rational thought.


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Cardies & Slippers ?


It's hard hats on, for some of us.

For our own protection of course,

Not from tyrannical believers, and

those, with imagin'ry friends.

Or those who say "death to blasphemers"

The maimers and killers of women.


But those peaceful, harmonious 'humanists'

Who will fight us to 'death' or exclusion

to defend those godly beliefs.

Beliefs that bring death and destruction.

Not the wisdom of secular reason.



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